Mini Putt Poker - FUN for the whole party!

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MiniPutt Poker is a very attractive 4-foot x 12-foot putting surface designed to be the life of the party at your next event. Many putting mats are only 1-foot wide and about 8 or 10-feet long. This putting carpet lays flat right out of the box and is ready for action right away. It is the perfect size for most rooms and because of it's large size can be easily seen by all the spectators who inevitably gather to watch the games. 




Note: Click HERE to see some games you can play!  MiniPutt Poker is really fun to play and generates a lot of excitement at any event!!

At Charity Events/Fundraising

Set it up in the corner of the room and let your attendees (or golfers, bowlers, poker tourney players, etc.) play MiniPutt for a little extra donation and a chance to win a prize (or two).

Donors get to pick 4 cards from a deck of playing cards. They then get 3 putts on the MiniPutt Poker green to make their best 5 card poker hand combining the 4 chosen cards and their 3 putted cards. AWARD RAFFLE TICKETS TO THE PLAYERS BASED ON THE VALUE OF THEIR HAND.

This is just one way to play at a charity event. See detailed instructions for other contest ideas.

At Home

Play any one of several included games by yourself to make practice more fun, or with family & friends for some friendly competition.

Traditional 5 or 7-card poker, "101", "Can You Match", "Texas Hold'Em", "Get to 52" & "Red/Black"...any one of these will help you become a better putter and lower your golf scores.


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