My Swingboard

My Swingboard

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An aid that encourages you to contact the ball correctly (i.e. contact ball first; then divot), using simple color coding and their proprietary new "Swing Notch" to strike the ball first.

Download the instructions for additional information here. Click here to view MySwingboard instructions.

Here is an interview with the inventor at the PGA Merchandise Show.

With "My Swingboard" you can:

  • Hit a golf ball within minutes
  • Learn to hit a golf ball off the ground easier than a tee
  • Eliminate the "chunk" shot
  • Fix your "slice"
  • Chip and Pitch
  • Get your alignment correct
  • Eliminate the "shank"
  • Hit out of a bunker with ease
  • Take "My Swingboard" on the Golf Course, set "My Swingboard" up to the target and Pure It!
  • Learn to line up to your target properly
  • Putt like the Pros using "My Swingboard"

" I have never seen such a simple device which can help your game in so many different ways, for less than the price of a lesson." Chad Pettit, PGA Head Professional
Mission Viejo C.C