No 3-Putt Cup Reducer

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No 3 Putt Cup Reducer

The No 3 Putt Cup Reducer is a golf training aid that helps you improve your putting accuracy and confidence. The reducer fits snugly inside the hole to make your practice cup smaller, without damaging the green.

Golf pros have long known the benefits of putting to a smaller target. By reducing the size of the hole, you force yourself to be more precise with your aim and stroke. This can help you improve your accuracy and make more putts.

The No 3 Putt Cup Reducer also has the added benefit of allowing you to hole putts. This gives you the positive reinforcement of hearing the ball drop into the hole, which can help you build confidence.

The reducer also has a smaller inner ring that makes the hole even smaller. This has the psychological effect of making a standard size hole seem much bigger than it actually is. This can be a very powerful confidence builder on those crucial two footers.


  • Makes your practice cup smaller
  • Does not damage the green
  • Allows you to hole putts
  • Improves accuracy
  • Builds confidence


  • Makes you more precise with your aim and stroke
  • Helps you make more putts
  • Builds confidence
  • Convenient and easy to use

Order your No 3 Putt Cup Reducer today and start improving your game!

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