O'Beam Putting Aid

O'Beam Putting Aid

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How O'BEAM Putting Aid Works

The O'BEAM device is worn on the visor portion of your hat. With the power switch in the ON position, O'BEAM shoots a laser beam that you position on the ball. When you address the ball, O'BEAM's laser allows you to correct any movement of your head. Less head movement leads to better putts and lower scores.


Training with the O'BEAM Putting Aid

Slide the O'BEAM onto the center of the visor of your hat and place the ON/OFF button in the ON position.
Address the golf ball in your putting set-up. Adjust the O'BEAM unit up or down until the 'O' that is being emitted from the unit is visible on the center of the golf ball.
This should be the only time you need to position the O'BEAM as your stance and ball position should remain the same every time you address the ball.
When you have completed your practice, turn O'BEAM unit OFF.     


"O'BEAM is the best putting aid I have ever used. It clearly helps you to minimize head movement which results in more solid putts and lower scores; A must-have for every golfer!" - Chip Beck, Champions Tour Professional "One of the biggest putting problems for individuals, especially new golfers, is unnecessary head movement. Any amount of head movement can affect the direction and distance negatively. The O'BEAM gives immediate feedback and allows a correction to be made right away. I use O'BEAM in my instruction." - Renee Powell, PGA/LPGA, Head Golf Professional, Clearview Golf Club, East Canton, Ohio, Former LPGA Tour player