Peel and Place Golf Guides

Peel and Place Golf Guides

Full Swing Aids

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Peel and Place Golf Guides (pack of 3) 

Note: Choose right-handed or left-handed when buying. 

  • IMPROVE SWING PATH: Designed to test accuracy and improve swing path, the angled guides are available for both right hand or left handed golfers. Usable on all clubs.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Simply peel the adhesive paper off the pieces and place them on a clean and dry club face. When done, slowly peel off adhesive pieces to prevent residue.
  • 3 SETS PER BAG: Each bag contains three heel pieces and three toe pieces. Longevity of each set is dependent on usage and user.
  • FIX SLICE OR HOOK: With instant feedback, you'll fix any slice or hook problems and start to find the sweet spot in your club swing.
  • GREAT FOR ALL GOLFERS: Peel and Place Golf Guides are great for all ages and experience levels. They are perfect for men, women, kids, from pros to novice golfers.