Perfect Pendulum

Perfect Pendulum

Full Swing Aids


Build a Better Swing

The Perfect Pendulum is a useful tool to help you monitor and improve your swing regardless of what kind of swing keys you use, what style of swing your professional teaches, or even if you are self-taught and don't practice that often. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to easily check the position of your club throughout your swing and perform drills to build consistency into your swing.

Swing Plane

With the use of a mirror or even by yourself you will be able to see if your club is on the plane you intended. The Perfect Pendulum becomes an extension of the butt end of the club so you can see the plane.

Swing Path

You no longer have to wonder if you are coming at the ball from the inside-out, outside-in or right down the line. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to see the path of the club before impact.

One-Piece Takeaway

A lot of teachers advocate a one-piece takeaway, especially to combat the tendency by some players to set their wrists too early in the swing. The Perfect Pendulum helps you reverse that trend and start your swing right.

Connection Drill

Players who incorporate the use of their core in the swing generally have more power and consistency in their swing. The Perfect Pendulum allows you to feel the arms and body turn in harmony and helps you transform your swing from an arm swing to a more powerful body swing. The Perfect Pendulum also teaches you to make a full shoulder turn for maximum power.

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