PivotPro featuring Jim McLean

TITLE: Right Handed
Sale price$89.99 USD

PivotPro backswing training aid promotes a more powerful swing by preventing the player from swaying on the backswing and encouraging a better coiling action on the backswing. By keeping the lower body stabilized the player can ensure the upper body can coil against it. This differential leads to potential power as the player transfers the weight from the rear leg (right leg for RH player) back towards the leading leg (left leg for RH player).

Endorsed by renowned instructor Jim McLean the PivotPro is available for right-handed golfers with a shoe size 7 to 14. You may use the the product while hitting balls indoors (on carpet) or outdoors. PivotPro is an excellent way to improve your chipping and pitching technique as well as increasing power on your full shots.

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