PlaneMate by Tour Striker (Martin Chuck Plane Mate)

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Tour Striker PlaneMate 

The Tour Striker PlaneMate is the first product of its kind that provides the feeling of a professional takeaway and transition. By adopting the sense of resisting the tension band early in the backswing you’ll train your body to take the club back properly. Then, by relaxing your arms and wrists when the tension starts to build, the club will shallow onto a powerful plane inspiring a body rotation for an inside-out strike. With the PlaneMate, simply Resist, Relax, and Rotate your way to the most satisfying ball striking of your life.

The Martin Chuck PlaneMate comes with interchangeable resistance bands to give you the right level of resistance for your current swing and your future goals. The PlaneMate is reversible for Right and Left-Handed Golfers.

Standard Green Pitch-Motion Band — Moderate resistance designed for less than full swings. Great for developing discipline and skill in your takeaway and follow through.

Standard Green Full Swing Band — Moderate resistance designed for full swings. The resistance band builds muscle and muscle memory faster to help you develop a long smooth backswing that shallows coming into contact.

Pro Red Full Swing Band — Intense resistance designed for avid and professional golfers who are looking for that next level of resistance and development.


PlaneMate Reviews

Eric Cogorno with Martin Chuck


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PlaneMate Protocols

Tour Striker PlaneMate 7-Day Protocol

The 7-Day Protocol was designed to be completed with the Tour Striker PlaneMate; a series of 7 short videos, one for each day. Follow the Protocol and in 7 days, you’ll have a vastly improved swing. Continue working with your PlaneMate and you’ll be well on your way to a tour level swing. Watch Now »

Tour Striker PlaneMate Advanced Protocol

A deeper dive with the PlaneMate. Specifically with the longer green band. You’ve worked your way through the 7-Day Protocol with the shorter pitch motion band. Progressing to the longer band, you’ll notice a few changes. In the Advanced Protocol, Martin Chuck and David Woods take you through the same key positions of a tour level swing while diving deeper into the technique and thought process. Work your way through the Advanced Protocol to continue developing your swing. Watch Now »

Tour Striker PlaneMate Protocol Series

From warming up to maximizing your drives to improving your bunker shots, the PlaneMate is not only the best full swing training aid, it’s one of the most versatile. The PlaneMate Protocol Series includes instruction for mastering all shots on the course along with using the PlaneMate to improve your Strength and Conditioning. Watch Now »

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