Pocket Golf Pro

Pocket Golf Pro

Game & Video Analysis


Take your Pro with you in your pocket. Listen to tips anywhere, anytime!

The Pocket Golf Pro is a voice recorder dedicated to improving your game. The device allows you to press a button and record key swing thoughts in 5 key areas of your game.

The Pocket Golf Pro is very simple to use and does one thing well - record the voice of you or your pro. Swith the PGP into "Record" mode and record your key swing thoughts or preshot routine elements.

Do you play the ball too far back in the bunker? Do you swing with too much descent on your drives? Verbalize your mental cues so you have them with you on the range or on the golf course. Ask your pro to record his or her recommendations for you in each area of your game.

The Pocket Golf Pro runs on 3AAA batteries (included with the product) and is ergonomically designed and beautifully packaged. You simply can't find a better voice recorder dedicated to improving your game. It is suprising how powerful a voice can be to motivate and focus your practice.

Pocket Golf Pro:

  • Use it while playing or practicing.
  • Play back the tips for each area of the game by pressing its button.
  • Simple & easy to use.
  • Large buttons are accessible even with golf gloves.
  • Lightweight. Fits easily into your pocket or golf bag.

    Three AAA batteries are included and we are currently running a buy one, get one FREE promotion. Choose First Class shipping when checking out for the best shipping rate.