Pocket Pin High Pro

Pocket Pin High Pro

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If it doesn't "CLICK," you're not shifting your weight and this is costing you valuable SPEED, DISTANCE and POWER

The Pocket Pin High Pro is an injected molded golf weight shift training aid made with very durable polycarbonate plastic. The screws and springs are stainless steel making all parts durable and weather resistant. The Pocket Pin High Pro weighs approximately 3 ounces and has a diameter of 4 -1/4 inches. The height is less than 7/8 inches giving this swing aid a very low profile.

A solid repeating golf swing requires timing, rhythm, and balance. This is all synchronized with a well timed weight shift. The Pin High Pro lets you know precisely on every swing when the all important weight shift occurs, making practice more productive and worthwhile."
--- Rock Saraceni, Former PGA Head Golf Professional



Pocket Pin High Pro is a patented golf swing training aid that clicks at the exact time your weight shifts to your front foot. Using the Pocket Pin High Pro to practice this essential shift will reinforce critical rhythm, timing, and help eliminate distracting swing thoughts.



The Pocket Pin High Pro is ultra portable, allowing for easy transport between your home, office, or favorite driving range. At the range, you can hit several balls using the Pocket Pin High Pro, then simply step to the side, and hit several more, enabling you or your coach to monitor your swing progress.



To keep the golf swing in sync, you should practice year round. The Pocket Pin High Pro will confirm weight shift to the front foot and help you keep the perfect swing rhythm inside or out, winter or summer.