Power SwingFan Replacement Fins

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Included is a set of 4 replacement men's or ladies' fins for the Power SwingFan. The men's fin is the most common and offers the most resistance. The blades measure 6.5" x 15" and are suitable for most players since there is only as much resistance as you produce when you swing. We sell about 85% men's fins. They are used primarily for strength building. One nice feature with the men's fins is that your Power Fan will stand up on its own because of the width of the replacement fins.

Choose the ladies' fin for less resistance. This would typically be used by anyone that wanted a little less resistance than the larger men's fin. They are also slightly lighter and easier to manuveur. Players have also told us they use the ladies' fin as a speed trainer since they can generate faster swing speeds using it. The ladies' fin measures 4" x 17".

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