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Power Meter

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Medicus Golf Power Meter - Increase your Golf Club Swing Speed to Increase your Swing Power!

Wondering if you need a golf swing speed meter? Before you can increase your club head speed, you need to know your golf club swing speed and the Medicus Golf Power Meter tells you both instantly and accurately! Hit longer and straighter shots by increasing the power of your speed. Get instant feedback to improve consistency and control. With the Medicus Golf Power Meter, you'll discover that trying to swing harder can actually cause you to swing slower. You'll learn how to use your body to increase club head speed. A golf swing speed meter such as the Medicus PowerMeter allows you to have a controlled powerful swing so that you consistently hit the ball farther and straighter!

The Power Meter may be used right or left-handed and can display swing speed in miles-per-hour or kilometers-per-hour. Easy to use shaft clamp let you transfer it from club to club and you may leave it on while hitting balls.

Medicus Power Meter - Unleash the Power