Power Shift Board Pre-orders only! Guaranteed delivery by Christmas on all orders placed by Dec 18th

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Pre-orders only! Guaranteed delivery by Christmas on all orders placed before Dec 18th.


Introducing the Power Shift Board, the new golf training aid designed to help you perfect your weight shift in the golf swing and unlock your true power on the course!

  • Learn proper weight distribution: The Power Shift Board is designed to help golfers of all levels learn proper weight distribution during their golf swing. By standing on the board, you can easily feel the correct loading and unloading of pressure from one leg to the other, improving your swing sequence for more power and timing.
  • Noise feedback for instant analysis: Unlike other similar products, the Power Shift Board provides instant feedback through noise when pressure is placed on the board. A click will be heard when the golfer's lead leg presses down with sufficient pressure, allowing you to monitor your progress and adjust your technique accordingly.
  • Stable connection with the ground: The Power Shift Board features spikes on the bottom to facilitate a stable connection with the ground. This ensures that you can maintain your balance and stability while practicing your swing.
  • Perfect swing sequence for more power: With the Power Shift Board, you can create good habits in your swing sequence that will lead to more power and accuracy on the golf course. By shifting your weight properly and consistently, you'll be able to generate greater swing speed and distance, hitting your target with ease.
  • Suitable for all golfers: The Power Shift Board is optimal for all golfers, no matter their skill set or experience. From novice to expert, this training aid will refine your swing and help you raise your game.

Don't settle for an inconsistent swing. Take control of your game with the Power Shift Board and start perfecting your golf swing today. Experience the benefits of instant feedback, a stable connection with the ground, and a perfect swing sequence for more power. Get your Power Shift Board now and unleash your true potential on the golf course!

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