Power Stance Plus

Power Stance Plus

Full Swing Aids

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A simple solution to a complex game!

Balance and Stability are critical to making a powerful, repeatable swing. The Power Stance puts you in a balanced position and provides the stability needed to coil and explode on the ball with accuracy! Tired of swing tips that don't work? Then try this highly effective golf training aid called the Power Stance.

Train with the Power Stance!

Fewer things are more important in generating distance and accuracy than balance and body position. And nothing is more effective at teaching proper balance and position than the Power Stance Trainer the most comprehensive lower body trainer. When your body and feet are in proper position and in balance, you are poised to get the most from your golf swing.

Whether you are a Beginner or a Pro Golfer, The POWER STANCE Trainer was developed to improve...

  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Weight Transfer
  • Ball Position

Golfers of ALL abilities will BENEFIT IMMEDIATELY and will hit more fairways and greens by training with THE POWER STANCE