PowerBall Tempo Ball by WallyMade Golf

PowerBall Tempo Ball by WallyMade Golf

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Teaches the classic rotary swing, a simple turn and return motion. Any hand action doesn't allow you to affect the ball because the ball is on a string. The string is adjustable by unscrewing the cap on the grip and pushing and twisting the string up into the hollow grip.

The ball is a very light-weight plastic. We might suggest adding an ounce or two of weight in the ball by making a small slit and inserting some paperclips into the ball. This isn't necessary for the product to work, but will help you feel the weight of the head and also helps if you're outside in any wind.

This product has been around for years and is a great way to teach any beginner that at good swing is not a hitting action.

The video below is in our warehouse. Sorry for the homemade quality until we get one out on the course.