Power Lag Pro and Flatwrist Pro Combo

Power Lag Pro and Flatwrist Pro Combo

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The FlatWrist Pro and PowerLag Pro combo pack combines two products that perfectly compliment each other and will help you learn how to create and maintian more lag and develop a better downswing plane with consistent hand and wrist position at impact. Let's look at each separately to see how they can benefit you.

PowerLag Pro
A lightweight molded yellow plastic brace that is worn on the player's rear hand (right hand for right-handed golfers). The position of the product is important - make sure it is oriented just left of the index finger as indicated in the video. When the wrists are properly cocked the index finger joint should be at the top of the L shape. The idea is to feel the PowerLag Pro touching the back of the wrist from the top of the backswing all the way down until the trailing elbow gets near the belt line. By this time the hips should have opened and the club can be delivered to the back of the ball with maximum force.

  • Promotes proper lag for power and consistency
  • Improves ball compression and increases distance
  • Fixes slice and over the top move
  • Prevents casting of the club
  • Develops Proper Release

FlatWrist Pro
Worn around the player's leading wrist like a watch and clipped into the glove for additional stability, the FlatWrist Pro features a wrist face 'needle' that shows the player where the back of the left wrist is pointing. It has an alternate configuration that will indicate the plane of the club as well. Check the additional pictures to see how the FlatWrist Pro may be used.

Trains your hands for proper takeaway (For Pitch Shots)

  • Prevents over rotation of the hands.
  • The (Wrist and Hand Guide Needle) gives immediate visual feedback, if your hands and arms are over or under rotating
  • Practice proper hand positions as shown in the figures above in front of a mirror
  • Your takeaway is one area where you have very little room for personal preference
  • On a driving range practice hitting small chip and pitch shots in order to ingrain proper lasting feeling

NOTE: FULL SHOTS—Majority of the tour players set their wrist much later in their back swing, however, but it is ok to set your wrist early in your back swing. Please keep in mind and make sure that you take your club back for the first three feet or so in one piece.

Learn proper hand position before and at impact

    • Naturally un-hinge your wrist through impact, when done properly it will lead to proper squaring of the club face through impact
    • Notice how the (Wrist and Hand Guide Needle) is pointing downwards, this will ensure that you are hitting down and compressing the ball
    • Practice this move in front of the mirror or on the range.
    • Start by hitting 100 to 200 small pitch shots and than move up to 3/4 and full shots

With the FlatWrist Pro:

    • Develop proper hand position before, at and post impact
    • Promotes flat wrist through impact
    • Fixes breakdown of the leading wrist and arm at impact
    • Improves consistency and ball trajectory
    • Hit crisp chip shots