Practice Tee System with Mirror

Practice Tee System with Mirror

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Hit your shots on target with greater distance using the Practice Tee System with Mirror.

The Practice Tee System is the perfect tool to set up your training station. Align your feet, shoulders and hips precisely to the target with the rail and mirror. Set consistent ball position between your feet and from your toes for each club. Check your shoulder alignment in the mirror without even looking up.

Need fresh turf? Simply slide the rail slightly … and Go! The spring loaded center piece locks the rails at 90 degrees so you can always trust they are square.

The Practice Tee System is used on the Tour every week. Alignment and ball position is nothing to take lightly.


The EyeLine Golf Practice T System with Mirror is the perfect practice tool for setup. The sliding rails keep your feet aimed at the target and allow you to check your ball position. The mirror slides on the top rail and allows you to see if your shoulders are square and if your eyes, head and hips are properly positioned. Folds to fit in your bag.