Pro-Head 2 Trainer (by ProHead) Pre-order only!

Pro-Head 2 Trainer (by ProHead) Pre-order only!

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Pro-Head 2 pre-order only!!

Available early August!!

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PHT) is a patented golf stance alignment aid that immediately helps the golfer feel the effect of maintaining the spine angle and keeping the head behind the ball through impact.

The PHT golf stance alignment aid helps golfers to develop that feel into a consistent and repeatable swing to take to the course. Such a feel can only be attained through repeated swings with the golfer’s head on a fixed reference point.

Some professionals have called the Pro-Head 2 Golf Trainer a “mechanical Jack Grout.” Teaching Pro Jack Grout used his arm and handful of hair to hold young Nicklaus’ head still. The PHT has a 48 inch, two piece arm that adjusts to golfers’ head heights. At the end of the arm is a foam rubber cylinder, against which the golfer applies light pressure with her/his forehead. The PHT model supports the arm with a vertical pole and a weighted base. The Wall/Tree model attaches to a wall or tree using the stainless steel screws supplied with the unit. Both models are adjustable to golfers’ heights that range from 40 inches, for youngsters, to 80 inches for very tall golfers.

Here, PGA Professional Mike Midgette gives a lesson using the Pro-Head 2 Golf Trainer.

Two attachments, a Hat attachment and a Foam attachment, are easily interchangeable and bolt to the end of the arm. The Hat attachment is recommended for chipping, pitching and putting, where the head can stay steady throughout the swing or stroke. The specially designed rubber connector for the Hat attachment allows for slight, harmless head movement, but not for head bobbing or for any change to the spine angle. The Foam attachment is recommended for practicing the full swing, with any full-swing club including the driver. It allows the head to come away from the attachment for a full follow through. The Foam attachment is also suggested for use when the Pro-Head 2 Golf Trainer is used for exercising, training and swinging, with or without a club.

All PRO-HEAD Trainers can be used by left handed or right handed golfers, male or female, any body build, and golfers of any age from youngster to seniors. PRO-HEAD Trainers are particularly recommended for youngsters. Read our article about Learning Golf at an early Age.

Golfers can use the Pro-Head 2 Golf Trainer with or without a club and with or without hitting real golf balls. Any club can be used from driver to wedge. By using a club and a ball, the golfer more closely simulates the real swing. The golfer can also use our Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover which also gives the feel of hitting a real ball. When used without a club, the golfer can simply practice swinging, training and exercising by repeating her/his swing with the head against the Foam attachment which serves as a fixed reference point. Such repetitions accelerate the development of the required muscle memory for a good and consistent swing.

"Very pleased with my PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer. It assembled very easily. Took me about 5 minutes. Filled and used the FREE sand bag included and gave it a try using my driver and the foam rubber head attachment. I could immediately feel a difference in my swing as I kept my head against the foam. By swinging several times a day, without hitting balls, and keeping this steady head feeling, I took my new swing to the course and improved my usual score by 6 strokes. It is a great training aid and I strongly recommend it. I just want to thank all of you at Pro-Head for making my golf play more exciting but mentally, I am having more fun. " Alan Silverstien, San Diego, CA


Pro-Head box dimensions: 30 x 16 x 7"