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ProPutt is a revolutionary new golf stance guide that helps stabilize your lower body while also helping with setup and alignment. By minimizing lower body movement during the putting stroke it is easier to keep your putter on-line and your speed more consistent.


  • -Adjust to fit your specific stance width.
  • -Push alignment rod into the molded clips.
  • -Place ProPutt above the knees and apply slight inward pressure to hold into place.
  • -Check to make sure your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the alignment rod.
  • -Use the alignment rod as a guide for your shoulder line. Right shoulder works down the rod on the way back, left shoulder works down the rod on the way through.
  • -While putting, try to keep the alignment rod from moving.
  • *You can also use the alignment rods as a putting gate.


    From the ProPutt inventor, PGA Pro Brian Way:

    As a Golf Professional, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to help my students improve. After each lesson, I always reflect to see if there was an easier or more clear way I could have connected with the student. Through those reflections I started to develop a catalog of ideas that could help make this game less complicated, less technical, and less frustrating for golfers of all skill levels.

    Throughout my years of teaching I've shied away from getting too technical with students and focused more on the function of the body and how that influences the club. With that concept in mind, like most golf enthusiasts nowadays, I turned to the internet to find something that could help.

    From my examination of the training aid market, I found that it was flooded with various swing aids and putting aids that focused on path, face, connection, rhythm, grip, etc. The one thing I couldn't find was a putting aid that focused on the function of the lower body or in this case, the lack there of. This is where the concept for ProPutt started. If you look at some of the best putters on tour, you will see that throughout the putting stroke their lower bodies have very little movement. Especially on short putts.

    This sent me on a search to find a way to have players be able to feel what it is like to not just stabilize their lower body, but also help them with setup and alignment. After months of research and more prototypes than I care to mention, ProPutt was born!"