Putt-Lock wrist lock putting stroke trainer

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Putt-Lock (formerly Putt Master) is a putting brace that is used to minimize hand and wrist movement and encourage a smooth pendulum stroke.

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There is a long slender metal extension that extends down the shaft of the putter and is held in place by the fingers when the putter is gripped. The brace itself rests on top of the butt end of the putter. Note that nothing sticks into the end of the putter, the product simply rests on top of the butt end of the grip. This is done so that if the player moves the fingers or hands during the stroke (i.e. changing grip pressure or altering the shaft angle of the putter in relation to the hands) the player can feel it because the product and the putter disconnect. After a few trials the player should be able to relax the hands and feel more of a rocking motion in the shoulders.

The Putt-Lock is adjustable in with to accommodate most traditional putting styles and may be used right or left handed and does a great job of getting the player to make a smooth rocking stroke with just a few practice sessions. Designed for all players ages 12 and up.

Download the instruction sheet here.


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