PuttOUT Putting Mirror and Gate Trainer

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 The standard color for this item is grey with red path guides and gate. 

PuttOUT Putting Mirror and Gate Trainer

The PuttOUT Putting Mirror and Putting Gate Training Aid is an easy-to-use golf training aid to help you improve your putting.

Designed to give instant feedback on shoulder alignment but also compact enough so you can take practice anywhere. Steel construction and anti-scratch coating give the mirror long-lasting durability and the spiked rubber back case ensures an anti-slip contact to the green or mat, without the need for tees. The indentation for ball positioning allows your putter to sit closer than traditional putting aid mirrors.

Alignment Putting Gate Training Aid

The included 50mm alignment putting gate training aid can be used indoor or outdoor so you can practice year-round. Get immediate feedback on whether you push or pull, practice here will encourage a square putter face at impact. You can also use the gate trainer for breaking putts, not just straight, as well as creating a midway target along with the target itself.

Use the PuttOUT putting mirror to angle the mirror towards yourself to get instant views of your swing positioning, alignment, and movements. Instant visual feedback makes adjustments quick and easy to adapt to.

Magnetic Alignment Guides

The set of two 3-inch magnetic alignment guides allow a custom fit so you can lock in the correct width for your individual putter. This allows you to not only practice eye, shoulder and ball alignment but also to actively work on your stroke’s path and target by having the putter pass through the guides.


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