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A proven way to cure your slice!

Provides a formidable cure for the dreaded slice. Foam arm breaks away if struck by the club.

Using this unique golf slice training aid, you'll benefit from the most effective way to correct your swing path on the market today. In just a few swings you'll have a clear understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the ball, and you will immediately begin to see improvement in not only making solid contact but both the distance and accuracy of your shots.

The Right Path provides a physical barrier designed to change the path and plane of the clubhead as it approaches and makes contact with the ball. Many players slice the ball, the result of an outside-to-in swingpath. The Right Path may be set in such a way that the ONLY way to make contact with the ball without hitting the breakaway arm is by dropping the club into a shallower inside approach to the inside quadrant of the ball is struck.

The Right Path may be used right or left-handed and can be used to work on aspects of chipping, bunker play and of course full swing technique with any club in your bag.

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