ShoeTips Swing Thought Reminders

ShoeTips Swing Thought Reminders



ShoeTips Swing Thought Reminders are designed to wear on your shoes or hang from your bag. Calm your mind, narrow your focus, and lower your score. We are committed to helping golfers at every skill level master their mental game so they can play more confidently and derive more enjoyment from the game.

"You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about." - Bobby Jones, legendary golfer and Founder of The Masters Tournament.

Focus Tips

Relates to the Mind

Back and Thru: Create a good rhythm as you take the club back and follow through, completing your swing with confidence.
Stay Down: Focus on letting the club do the work of lifting the ball, as it is meant to do.
Breathe Focus: Remember to take a deep breath or two before you start your swing routine. Bring an attitude of relaxed concentration and awareness to your process.
Commit Trust: Select your precise target and the appropriate club/swing. If you have doubts, change your plan and fully commit to it.
Impact: Focus your attention on making clean and crisp contact, striking the ball first, then the ground.
Visualize: Decide exactly where you want the ball to go, let the image of the ball’s full trajectory fill your mind, and imagine the feel of your swing.

Feel Tips

Relates to the Body

Soft Hands: Notice the tension in your hands, forearms, and shoulders as you begin your swing routine. Learn to sense when you tense up and dial it down.
Tempo: This is the natural pace or rhythm of your golf routine. Focus on maintaining a uniform pace throughout.
Balance: Stand over the ball and feel a low center of gravity, with all of your weight resting evenly on the soles of your feet, until you feel grounded and centered in your stance.
Smooth: Visualize a controlled swing, free of excessive tension and abrupt movements.
Posture: Remember to begin your swing from a relaxed, comfortable, well-balanced and athletic stance.
Feel: Take a comfortable practice swing, giving no thought to mechanics. This is the swing that will produce the shot you imagine.

Technique Tips

Relates to Swing Mechanics

Turn: Feel your upper body and hips rotate freely on your backswing, then rotate through the downswing until you face your target.
Finish: Complete your follow through while maintaining balance until the ball has landed.
Ball Position: Place the ball in the optimal position between your feet to best suit your selected club and type of shot.
Alignment: Be aware of your feet, hip, and shoulder alignment. Make sure they are set up properly in relation to the target to accommodate your particular shot shape.
Hit Down: Hitting down makes the ball rise with a penetrating flight.
Swing Plane: As you take your club back and through, maintain your posture and swing down your target line.