Simple Golf Path

Simple Golf Path

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How The Simple Golf Path™ Works

TheSimple Golf Path™ swing trainer shows you where your golf swing went wrong.

TheSimple Golf Path™ uses a flag based mechanism that indicates what was good… or bad… about your swing.

TheSimple Golf Path™ teaches you to properly swing the clubhead towards the vital hitting area.

To achieve the perfect swing, the clubhead must strike the ball and the yellow flag only.

 Golf Swing Analyzer - Straight Shot Straight Shot – Inside-out swing straight through the correct path. Only the yellow flag has moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Slight outside curve to the right. Fade – Slight  outward curve to the right. (Swing slightly from the outside in). Blue flag #2 has moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Pull or Slice Pull or Slice – Pull to the left (Duck Hook) or wide left-to-right curve (Banana). Swing from the outside in. Blue flags #2 and #3 have moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Push or Hook Push or Hook – Push to the right or severe right-to-left curve (Severe swing from the inside out) Yellow flag and blue flag #1 have moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer Shank – Ball hit with heel or hosel of club. All flags have moved.
Golf Swing Analyzer - Backswing - Bringing club back to the outside. Backswing – Swinging the club back towards the outside. Reset the flags and start over. Swing the club back with a slight inside curve. Blue flags #3 and #4 have moved towards the right.

Train and Improve at Home!

It’s a well-known fact that practice makes perfect. But frequent trips to the golf course can be both time-consuming and costly. Simple Golf Path™ brings it all to you with unlimited practice time at home, while providing instant and precise feedback, one swing after the other.

Designed for right-handed casual, recreational or competitive golfers, Simple Golf Path™ will help you refine your technique, lower your score and challenge your golf partners!

Take it Anywhere!

Take it anywhere and practice on the go. Sturdy material. No assembly. Small to store. Easy to carry. Built to last for decades.

Impress Everyone Next Time You Play Golf!

Any true golfer will tell you, you can’t break 80 without rhythm and timing. You need to successfully execute your shot at least 80% of the time in practice. Now that’s a LOT of time to spend on a golf course…

You are aware that your golf skill level has an effect on your self-confidence when playing with friends, colleagues or clients. Mastering a better technique and achieving a better score will not only boost your confidence but will also make you a happier golfer.

With the Simple Golf Path™ golf swing analyzer & trainer you will develop a strong routine which will help your game in the long-term. Having a good golf practice routine will help you feel confident in high pressure situations on the golf course. If you have mentally and physically prepared for the shot, you have done all you can to produce a perfect swing.

Why You Will Love The Simple Golf Path™


Stop spending on driving range buckets! Save time and energy by cutting down on back and forth trips to the practice range. Practice your golf swing without limits and get effective feedback each time to refine your technique.


golf 2While most golf training aids require to practice at the driving range, The Simple Golf Path™ also allows you to train at home, rain or shine. Take it outside to practice your swing on hills and slopes and get the same precise feedback.


golf 3Get instant feedback and analysis on your swing. The flags show you if you had a slice, fade, hook, pull, shank or push stroke. Get effective feedback each time to refine your technique. Be ready to impress your golf partners next time you play on the course!