SinkIt Putting Guide

SinkIt Putting Guide



How does SINKIT connect to my putter?

The SINKIt Putting Guide is a powerful magnetic golf club attachment. Instantly and easily connect its built-in magnets to the face of any steel putter. If the putter is not magnetic, then you can apply the supplied reusable self-adhesive metal plates to your putter face and attach SINKIT putting guide to them. The adhesive does not mark or leave residue behind so you can use your favorite putter. It works on all types and shapes of putters with a flat face.

What fundamentals does the SINKIt putting guide help develop and maintain?

1. A putting stroke that does not require manipulation of the arms and hands.

2. A putter face angle that is at right angles to the target line at impact.

3. A stroke that has consistent tempo resulting in a ball hit at the right speed.

5. Better alignment and distance control.

How will the SINKIt putting guide help my consistency?

Consistent putting strokes are built around only one moving part. The hands, arms, and shoulders rotate as one unit around the upper joints of the thoracic spine. Using this method no manipulation of the hands or arms is required to achieve a consistent clubface angle at impact. The same one-piece qualities of movement also result in consistent tempo and distance control.

The player who incorporates this one piece rocking motion of the shoulders arms and hands and putter can eliminate the complexities of putting.

How does the putting guide work with arc putting styles versus straight line styles?

The golf club attachment will enhance your results with either method preference. Research has shown that the most consistent strokes actually travel on a slightly inclined plane and will, therefore, trace a very slight arc when viewed from overhead. The putter shaft plane is much more vertical than a golf club so its arc appears to travel closer to the target line than a golf club. The putter face should always be square to the arc of your own inclined plane and square to the actual target line only at impact. This is only achievable with a one-piece movement.

How does the SINKIt putting guide help me see and feel what I am doing wrong?

When you use SINKiT you can quickly and easily see and feel the amount of arc your movements produce. The patent-pending rails on the SINKIt golf club attachment will hit your ball if the arc is too severe or the face angle is offline through impact. This instantly tells us we are manipulating the putter with our hands and arms. This is one of the major causes of inconsistent putting.

Are the rails adjustable and how do they help?

The Sink It has two parallel rails that attach to your putter. The width between the rails is adjustable depending on the skill level of the user. Consistency with the rails closer together is only possible with a one-piece motion arcing around the upper thoracic spine. This is ideal for the professional and serious player. When looking down on the rails and ball the user should not see the sides of the rails. This feature tells us our eyes are correctly positioned over the ball and the eye line is parallel to the target line.

When the player swings their putter the rails visually enhance the path of their swing in relation to the target line. The rails will also interfere with the ball's roll if the user is manipulating the putter too much. Another feature requires the user to make contact with the ball in the middle of the putter face. The space between the face mounts is adjustable giving instant feedback for off-center hits. This is an important quality for better players distance and directional consistency.