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The Launcher is designed in conjunction with the Launch Pad for use in executing the chip, pitch and full swing. It has a specially designed five-sided Right On Red grip that helps the new learner form their hands correctly every time.

The top two panels of the grip have yellow and red dots that when used with the proper word cues assist in proper placement of the hands. It has an oversized head with a bullseye target in the center of the face and is developmentally appropriate in both length and weight.

The Launchers come in five sizes. Use table below to determine which size is right for you!

Length Club Color Age or height recommendation
22" Purple ages 4-5 years (height 3'0"' to 3'6")
26" Green ages 5-7 years (height 3'6" to 4'0")
30" Blue ages 8-10 years (height 4'1" to 4'9")
34" Red ages 11 to adult (height 4'10" to 5'7")
35" Black * larger grip. Adults 5'8" and above.

The Purple and Black models were introduced in 2014. It is strongly recommended to get launchers that are appropriate to the age of the child.

If you need a larger quantity of a particular size consider purchasing one of our Supplemental Kits.

SNAG Golf Launchers (5 sizes available)