Solid Stance

Solid Stance

Full Swing Aids


The Solid Stance product is simple to use and easy to work with. It can be put on standing up while your at the driving range or even on the course (not approved for use during USGA play).

The telescoping locking device easily locks into place with one hand and unlocks the same way. In the unlocked position your free to walk around with the Solid Stance training aid still attached. No need to remove the device to retrieve more golf balls or walk to a different area on the range.

On top of the telescoping device is a slide bar that allows the angle to decrease slightly during follow through for a nice balanced finish.

See additional image to see how to attach the Solid Stance to your leg.

Solid Stance Golf Training Aid Benefits

  • Sense "supporting" role of the flexed back leg
  • Flexed leg promotes a full, correct body turn
  • Unfreezes hip for better rotation
  • Help eliminate topping of the golf ball
  • Increased distance and accuracy
  • Helps stop reverse pivoting!