Spurk Golf Strike Mat (long grass or short grass)

Spurk Golf Strike Mat (long grass or short grass)

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Spurk Golf’s objective when designing the new tru-lies strike mat was to create a realistic stable playing surface to give golfers of all ability the feel of summer golf all year round.


The Spurk Strike Mat is a revolutionary new product that not only protects the fairway as you play golf but gives you a solid stable surface to strike the ball from. Green Keepers like the Strike Mat as it helps with the aeration of the of the Golf Course as you are playing your round of golf.

The Spurk Strike Mat can also be used to protect your garden at home when practicing. The Spurk Strike Mat can be used to assist with your alignment when addressing the ball, and gives you the confidence to strike the ball knowing that the mat is not going to move or shoot forward when the club meets the ball. The Spurk golf strike mat is an all-round beneficial Golf Accessory to both the Golfer and the Golf Course.

There are two styles available, one with short grass and one with a medium length grass. Make sure to select which one you prefer when checking out. The more popular of the two is the short grass version which is excellent for use on the range or in a park. The medium grass works well for practicing pitching or for novice golfers who want a little more margin of error on the strike.