SquareUp Putting Mirror

SquareUp Putting Mirror

Putting Aids


A simple mirror for putting alignment, the SquareUp mirror is an acrylic mirror with plastic backing used to check putter face alignment, eye alignment and to gauge stroke length.

This mirror measures approx. 12" long by 5.75" wide and features a leading edge with a cutout for the ball. The cutout allows you to easily move the ball into the proper position without scratching the mirror or having to balance it on the mirror. This also should produce better contact as the player is encouraged to setup consistently each time.

Other features of the mirror are the black aimline that runs down the middle of the mirror, holes used to limit backstroke length and a squaring line for the face at address and impact.

Product may be used right or left-handed. A great economical mirror that will fit in the pocket of your golf bag and may be used indoors or out.