Summit Swing Zone

Summit Swing Zone

Full Swing Aids

summit swing zone
Learn to swing the RIGHT way with Summit Swing Zone’s patent-pending design!
  • Cures slices

  • Increases driving distance and accuracy

  • Teaches how to draw the ball

  • Assists in proper take back

  • Increases club head speed

  • Encourages proper wrist action and body rotation

  • Lower your handicap
The Summit Swing Zone Trainer will dramatically improve your shot accuracy and distance by re-training you to keep the elbow tucked in proper position from back swing through follow through. 

Ideal for …
  • Experienced golfers wanting to improve accuracy and performance 

  • Beginning golfers wanting to establish correct form 

  • Golfers struggling with slicing and inconsistent shot placement 

  • Improving your short game

  In extensive product testing, golfers of all levels experienced significant, measurable improvement in golf head speed, accuracy and distance after just one training session with Summit Swing Zone 

Strap Settings Pictured Above
  • Durable strap attaches to belt loop. 

  • Strap loop slides into position above elbow and adjusts to your arm size 

  • Strap keeps elbow tucked in proper position while rotating from back swing through follow through 

  • Tension on strap provides immediate feedback that swing position is incorrect 

  • Four settings allow golfer to practice correct form in warm up shots, ½ swing, ¾ swing and full swing drives 

  • No complicated gadgets or cumbersome attachments – can be used unobtrusively on the driving range or at home 

  • Small, compact design – hangs from your waistband unnoticed while you play or practice your swing 

  • Easily adjusts with one hand