SupremeSwing Swing Trainer (40" or 48" warm-up club)

SupremeSwing Swing Trainer (40" or 48" warm-up club)

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SupremeSwing Trainer

You've seen similar products before, but probably not at this price!! Similar to the SKLZ Goldflex and other products, this weighted warm up golf club comes in two lengths 40" (GREEN) and 48" (BLACK)


Features of SupremeSwing Trainer

  • Portable, suitable for practicing anywhere!
  • Practice at home or on the road.
  • Strengthens and increases the flexibility of wrists, arms and core golf muscles.
  • Modern grip pattern aids with the placement of the hands.
  • Flexible shaft let you feel load and lag.
  • Weigh helps synchronize your arms and your body.
  • Perfect at every skill level: regardless of your age or skill level, this product smooths your swing tempo.
  • Real-time feedback brings awareness to your swing tempo and helps engrain consistent tempo.


Additional Product Information

Surprisingly, there is almost no difference in the weight of these two products. The longer 48-inch model weighs 1 lb. 9oz. (for comparison an adult driver would weigh ~ 11 oz. and a wedge ~ 1lb.) So this is similar to doing a two club warmup, but with the benefits of a single grip and flexible shaft. 

The longer 48" model has a black rubber head and is primarily intended for players 5' 10" and taller. In our opinion it feels quite head heavy when swinging it, which is great for stretching, but adding a little counter-weight will change the way the club feels. 

The 40" model weights 1 lb. 8.2oz. (only 0.8 oz. lighter due to the shorter shaft) and features a lime green head. This model sits nicely in the bag and is a little better for modeling the true feeling of a swing. Again, even with this model a little back-weighting changes the swing weight and feel when swinging. 

There is a product called EndSwate which is excellent for this purpose. We don't sell it but if you're a golf fanatic you'd probably enjoy checking it out. 

One last note on the 48" model. Because of the length and heavy head feel it could really also qualify as a strength trainer, strengthening the hands and forearms. It's not a bad protector for your clubs with traveling either due to it's length. 

Sorry the shipping is a little high on this but it is 3 lbs. when in a box.