Sure Putt - Black/Silver/Poker/Flag

Sure Putt - Black/Silver/Poker/Flag

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The Sure Putt green reader is 2 inches around and a little less than ½ inch thick.  It is made from high grade machined aluminum and electrically anodized for color and will not fade or chip like paint. 

A precision state-of-the-art leveling vial is used to read the slope.  The writing on the piece is machine engraved and not painted on.  It is heavy enough to lie flat on the green to give a precise reading and small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. 

Sure Putt gift box - golf training aid green reading level

Each Sure Putt green reader comes with its own carry bag and is enclosed in a silver embossed box you’ll be proud to give as a gift.



SURE PUTT GOLF has created a product that will promote your business and provide your golfing clients with a putting aid they can use forever.  Business and golf have gone hand in hand since the game was invented. You can put your company name on a golf tee or divot tool and you know what happens to them.  Tees are used up or scattered around the parking lot, golf course or the trunk of a car.  Divot tools are so common no one even looks at them any more.

Your company name and logo can be shown on every SURE PUTT green reader!  Every time a SURE PUTT is taken from a pocket or golf bag there is a reminder of your business name in your client or potential clients hand.

Many companies give away promotional products that are never used or are thrown away……mainly because they have no unique value. Those divot tools or ball markers with a company name on them pile up in a golfers bag or drawer at home and never see the light of day again.  Be one of the leading companies that can provide their clients with a promotional product that has never been seen before, is truly useful and will be kept and displayed for years!  How many truly unique golf products have you seen that can promote your business identity in this way?

There is nothing like a SURE PUTT promotional product on the market today.

Our Sure Putt is a fantastic combination of a usable golf product and a memorabilia piece.  All of our products are machined anodized aluminum, professionally engraved (not silk screened) and hand finished!  Our liquid spirit level is freeze proof and leak proof, but just in case, every SURE PUTT is protected by a 12 month guarantee!

So if you are sponsoring a golf tournament or want a quality promotional product that will impress your clients, SURE PUTT green readers can be ordered with your company name and logo—in color.