Swing Hitter

Swing Hitter

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Developed by Ron Rainey, a true Texas gentleman, the Swing Hitter was developed to teach players how to set the wrists at the top of the backswing with a smooth transition into the downswing. The primary purpose of the internal slide weight is to encourage perfect timing as the player swings through impact. The weight should 'click' at or just before the bottom of the swing arc.

  • Patented internal slide weight in this practice club gives you "instant feedback"

  • Learn to "gather power" using your newly developed slower backswing.

  • Clicking sound will alert you that you have properly cocked your wrists

  • As you "leisurely" start the downswing, you will learn to hold the 90o angle and release the clubhead/hands "at just the right time - everytime."

  • Swing it only 15 times a day, 3 or 4 days a week. That's about 90 seconds a day.

  • Swing it in your office, home, hotel room, backyard or on the golf course

  • Creates muscle/brain memory of correct swing techniques!!

  • Includes Instructional DVD, 29 inches long, 25 ounces - SMALL AND PORTABLE!

  • Improve, then use it to keep your swing "tuned" year round, even in winter downtime or if you have any layoff from playing!

  • Works for both right and left handers!