Swing Plate Extension Pole (pole only)

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1.1m – 2.2m (43" to 82") Extendable Pole manufactured specifically for The Swing Plate base unit. The Extension Pole is intended to be a reference for checking lateral body movement and also quiets the hands when used for putting. 

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Swing Plate Extension Pole

One of the pictures below shows the Swing Plate DUAL PRO which is designed primarily for instructors. We only recommend the following uses shown here for the extension pole.

Note that this listing is for the Extension Pole only and does not include the Swing Plate base or rods. You can see the original Swing Plate and Swing Plate DUAL PRO listings by clicking the links. Alternately, look for a bundle option on this page or search for Swing Plate Bundle on our homepage. 

The Swing Plate is a durable, portable, affordable way to check and perfect your swing plane with every club in your bag. It is the go-to choice for academies and serious players worldwide. 

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