Swing Reflection foldable golf teaching mirror

Swing Reflection foldable golf teaching mirror

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  • New Feature: Optional cell phone holder for swing recording and review (note: select this optional accessory when checking out)

  •  2'x4' golf training mirror

  • Collapses to 2'x2' for storage and travel to the course

  • Lightweight construction

  • Weatherproof design

  • Highly reflective acrylic golf mirror with minimal distortion. 

  • Adjustability allows viewing of a variety of golf swing positions (not just full golf swings)

  • Adjustable stand allows practice in a bunker!

  • Full assembled golf mirror

  • Made in America


Practice golf drills to create:

  • powerful golf swing

  • proper setup

  • check shaft angle

  • adjust swing plane

  • Folding Mirror for easy transport.

  • Fantastic image quality! 
  • Practice Inside or Outdoors
  • Practice in good weather or bad
  • Create muscle memory through repetition of the proper swing
  • Instant feedback on your swing


Tired of a golf swing that results in lost balls, lost shots, lost rounds, and lost bets? Do what the pros do and work with golf mirrors to "see" not just feel your swing. Teaching Pros use golf mirrors to show (not just tell) their students, what they need to be doing in their swings. Now you can do the same. If you are committed to improving your game, the golf mirror can be a valuable tool in your arsenal to play Better Golf! 

Swing Reflection is an American made, professionally engineered, shatter-resistant acrylic folding training mirror that can help improve your golf game. Don't just envision an improved golf swing, take action, and improve your golf game!