Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

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Swingyde is a simple but highly effective product designed to teach you a better takeaway, as well as how and where to set the wrists during the swing. This simple golf wrist trainer will ensure you are set properly at the top of the swing and enable you to maintain a better swing arc and swing plane.

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Even before the first swing, the Swingyde golf swing training aid will assist the player with setup and alignment to the target. The standard way to mount the Swingyde is square with the leading edge of the face of the golf club although some prefer to rotate it a few degrees clockwise so it flattens the left wrist at the top of the backswing. This would be a preference of the player. The manufacturer recommends squaring it to the leading edge of the club face.

On the backswing, the Swingyde will serve as an indicator of when the wrists hinge and at all times it will show the relationship between the hands, leading arm and clubface. Typically the Swingyde golf wrist trainer will come into contact right as the player reaches the top of the backswing. Sometimes it will be a little earlier but it can be a good reference to see if you are overswinging or lifting the club rather than getting a good body and shoulder turn.

The top of the backswing is the 'signature' position of the Swingyde backswing training aids. The player can't see the hands or club face but they can FEEL if they are loaded and on plane ready to drop and shift into the downswing.

On the downswing, you will be encouraged to keep the wrists in a powerful lag position without leaking power caused by casting or throwing the hands away from the body. At the same time, the Swingyde golf swing training aid will help put the face of the club squarely on the ball. At all times during the swing, the player can easily check the clubface position by looking at the Swingyde.

After impact, you will be shown the correct radial deviation of the wrist which will make sure you extend out towards the target achieving good weight transfer and balance. You should finish in a relaxed position, facing the target, with the club shaft between your head and shoulder. One aside is that it is not imperative the Swingyde hits the leading arm on the follow through. Many broad-chested players may prefer to have this golf wrist trainer end up between the forearms. Again, the manufacturer recommends that the product reconnect with the leading forearm on the follow-through and turn into the finish but physical limitations or body structure may prevent this.

All-in-all Swingyde is one of the bedrocks of the training aids market. It's simple design and practical application have made it one of the best selling training aids of all time and one of the most regularly used items in the teaching community.

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