SX3 Short Game Trainer

SX3 Short Game Trainer

Short Game Aids

  • Alerts you at the exact moment your swing becomes problematic.
  • Learn a proper impact position and create successful recovery shots.
  • Designed to create proper impact for ALL wedge shots.
  • Helps correct your most common mistakes around the green, chips out of the rough, shots from the fringe, skulling, shanking, swing consistency, correct impact position, early release, and chili dips.

5 Minutes A Day With The SX3 & You’ll Have A New Impact PositionAnd Lower Scores.


Simply slip the SX3 onto the grip end of any club (includes an adaptor for jr sized clubs).


Take a standard grip with your hands and align for the type of shot to be produced while resting the arm of the SX3 against the leading wrist.

When you take the club back, the set of your hands will cause the leading wrist to move the arm of the SX3 slightly, producing an audible clicking noise identifying the correct set position.

As the action moves forward and through the ball, the set should remain, producing the correct impact position. When done correctly, the hands should not “release” until after impact and will be confirmed by the second click of the SX3.

You Don’t Need A New Wedge, You Need A New Impact Position.

Let’s say you didn’t know how to drive a car.  It wouldn’t make any difference if you had the most luxurious model car or the least expensive, as each vehicle would provide the same opportunity to get you around town – none, your stranded.  The same holds true for wedges.  If you don’t know how to properly swing a wedge (yes, the swing is different than the rest of your bag) then you have the same chance of getting up and down – you guessed it, none, your stranded.  Of course a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while and if you’re content with a short game that’s similar then read no further.  But if you want the ability to knock it close with a wedge – any wedge – that’s where the SX3 will change your game for good.

Take a look at the pros, based on who is sponsoring them their equipment is very different from one pro to the next.  What gives them all the ability to hit any wedge they’re playing (for that particular sponsor) is the same for all of them – the impact position.  The exact same impact position that the SX3 teaches you.

Take your wedge, attach the SX3 to the handle, swing it for a few minutes a day and the following things are going to happen:

  • You’ll learn a proper impact position, immediately.
  • The new impact position will parlay into confidence with ball striking and create successful recovery shots.
  • In turn, your success with recovery shots means lower scores, period.

The SX3 is designed to create proper impact for ALL wedge shots and shots around the green.

So, do you need a different or new wedge?

No.  What you need is a swing that can be used with any wedge.

Here’s what users are saying about the SX3

“I’m finally not afraid to chip anymore, and that’s a good thing!”

Laszlo L. (15 Handicap)

“I’ve been using the SX3 and it’s got me a lot more consistent.”

Nabih K. (10 Handicap)

“If I turn the SX3 right I can hit a low shot and if I turn the SX3 left I can hit a high shot.  So it’s pretty much everything in one.”

Dominic A. (2 Handicap)

“As I click it, it holds the club in position so that I strike the ball correctly at impact.”

Mike R. (21 Handicap)

“I think it can help everybody.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a single digit or a high handicapper like I am, it will definitely make a difference it your game.   I think it’s great!”

Gigi A. (26 Handicap)

“After using the SX3 I can see that I’ve gone from approximately 10 – 15 feet away from the hole to 5 feet from the hole now.  I would recommend it to everyone .”

Julian B. (8 Handicap)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it made of?

The SX3 is made of Nylon-6-Polymer.

Is it legal for play?

The rules of golf prohibit the use of aids of any kind during sanctioned tournament play, but for shot development on the course during practice rounds it will be very effective.

How long will it last?

We have tested it up to 10,000 cycles and counting.

What is the best impact position?

Impact positions vary with the shot at hand, but a couple rules of thumb are hands over the ball or ahead at impact; these produce the most consistent results. Hands behind the ball at impact put you in “never never land”.

Can beginners benefit from using the SX3?

Absolutely! Learning correct fundamentals early on is a huge head start to a lifetime of golf enjoyment.

What do I receive with my SX3 purchase?

In your SX3 kit, you will find an SX3 swing trainer, small grip adapter, and carrier pouch.

How do I adjust the SX3 for different shots?

Simply create the desired shaft lean and club face alignment for the shot, take your leading hand grip, adjust the SX3 to rest against your leading wrist, and you’re ready to go.

Will I be the best player on the course?

It’s possible… but it will take time!

Can I hit full shots with it?

The SX3 is designed for shots of 60 yards or less. Fuller swings require more load of the wrists and will cause it to max out on the travel limits and probably slip on the grip from the preset position.

Can accomplished players benefit from using the SX3?

Better players know the importance of engraining sound fundamental positions and they greatly value intuitive feedback.