T-Golf Graduated Learning System

T-Golf Graduated Learning System

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Product Overview

The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a new, revolutionary golf training system designed to quickly teach and maintain the proper fundamentals of the golf swing. Tgolf is a tool for golfers of all abilities to develop and refine proper balance, tempo and swing mechanics. Tgolf's inherent value lies in its ability to quickly improve the swing and performance of all golfers, regardless of skill level.

The Tgolf Swing Trainer is composed of two elements;
(1) A telescoping tee which adjusts to position the golf ball anywhere from 24 inches to 17 inches above the grass. The Tee accommodates all ball types.  
(2) A "modified" driver built with an oversized head (larger sweet spot) which is far shorter (24 inches in length) than a normal club. (Head cover included)

The theory behind this progressive swing training aid is both highly sophisticated and ingeniously simple.

The product is based on the concept of the horizontal swing plane, a universally accepted, pervasive swing principle. Tgolf teaches proper swing fundamentals to the user by reinforcing proper balance, weight shift, hip rotation, and appropriate club head release. The trainer successfully corrects and helps eliminate typical swing flaws such as reverse pivoting, swaying, falling onto the back foot and "scooping" the ball. The combination of hitting a ball teed high with a shorter club prevents falling into all these poor swing mechanics. Prior to general consumer release, Tgolf has proven itself in some of the industry's most rigorous testing grounds including the 
PGA Center for Learning & Performance.


"Tgolf is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices...all based on simplicity.  It's ability to assist any golfer with proper balance, rotation and tempo is unlike anything on the market today and at a learning curve that is both fast and fun.   Working with this system will improve the fundamental swing mechanics of all golfers, from beginners to the Tour players I work with."  -  Joe Hallett, PGA Professional, Top 100 Golf Instructor in America.



Beginner Golf

What if everyone learned how to ride a bicycle by being placed on a ten speed bike and sent into traffic? How would you like to learn to hit a baseball by facing Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan the first time you had a bat in your hands? Clearly, both are recipes for failure. The same can be said about golf. If the best golfers in the world often struggle with their conventional golf equipment, then why do we place the same equipment in the hands of a beginner? It doesn't make sense. As a result, many new golfers quit the sport due to the difficulty and expense of learning a proper golf swing. Tgolf changes that.

Tgolf is designed with the beginner player in mind. The equipment and simple 4 step lesson immediately gives the new golfer multiple advantages and creates a fun, productive and user friendly path towards using conventional equipment. Tgolf allows beginners, from the first swing, to get the ball airborne, with distance, while quickly and successfully engraining proper swing mechanics.

The Tgolf product and simple instruction lesson dramatically reduces the complexity and difficulty of learning the proper way to swing a golf club. Tgolf's higher ball position, shorter club, and larger club face provide significant learning benefits to the student. Interestingly, Tgolf's methodology is as effective for the expert as the beginner. All golfers can fall into bad habits and improper swing mechanics. Tgolf helps any golfer regain proper balance, tempo and follow through.

How many new golfers want to spend all their time on the practice range? Not many. Everyone wants to get on the course, have fun and test themselves! After 15 minutes on the range with Tgolf, any beginner can be out on the course without being nervous about making mistakes or slowing down play. Forget having to complete hours of instruction time on the range before being ready for the "real course". After mastering the simple 4 step swing lesson, a Tgolfer is ready to hit the first tee and move quickly from tee to green. 

Tgolf is a great tool to quickly and smoothly transition a new player to conventional equipment. As the Tgolfer learns and engrains proper balance, tempo, and follow through, he or she simply lowers the tee, executes the same swing principles, and eventually over time and at a comfortable pace, moves to hitting the ball off the ground with conventional golf clubs.

Tgolf's simple four step lesson

1. Set up the telescoping tee (without a ball) and have the player brush the tee tip with a short backswing and short follow-through 5 times. Place a ball on the tee and have the player take a short backswing and a short follow-through. The player should hit the ball approximately 10-20 yards. We are working on making contact, club control and building confidence. Hit 5 balls in a row.

2.Place a ball on the tee and ask the player to take the same short backswing and then point their stomach towards the target on the follow-through. Hit 5 balls in a row.

3.Place a ball on the tee. Tell them to make the same short backswing, point their stomach towards the target and connect their right knee to their left knee by coming up on their right toe. The bottom of the right foot should be facing away from the target. Demonstrate the move to give the player a good visual. With Tgolf most players execute this easily after just a few tries. Hit 5 balls in a row.

4.Place the ball on the tee. Ask the player to make the same three moves and add the follow-through by dropping the club over their left shoulder. Hit 5 balls this way. The foundation for the swing has begun to develop.


Experienced Golfers

Tgolf brings an extraordinary ability to improve an experienced player's golf swing, translating to stroke-saving on the course and a lower handicap. Few experienced golfers can immediately diagnose a mistake in their swing which led to a poor shot. Typical mechanical flaws, such as head lifting, swaying, reverse pivoting, and lifting the club vs. drawing it back, can creep into everyone's game, including the PGA pro's. Tgolf is a tremendous tool to correct these swing flaws and help any golfer, regardless of ability, to groove a better swing built on solid mechanics.

Many of today's great instructors have horizontal plane drills as part of their core curriculum. These are drills that all golfers, including PGA and LPGA pros, can use during practice sessions or warming up on the range before playing. Horizontal swing plane drills are designed to help the experienced golfer find good rhythm, rotation around their spine, tempo and proper balance. These foundational swing principles are exactly what Tgolf's product is designed to teach and engrain, but accomplishes with more sophistication by adding ball striking. Our product provides true ball flight feedback which static horizontal swing plane drills can't accomplish.

Within the current Tgolf user base are numerous top teaching professionals, single digit or plus handicap players who use the telescoping swing trainer as a core element of their teaching or practice routines. At the outset of a pre-round warm up, or kicking off a longer practice session, taking the first 10-20 swings with Tgolf immediately reinforces proper balance, tempo and turning around the spine in "tight circles". Starting with the swing trainer to "get in the groove" then switching to your clubs will pay dividends on the course.

"Tgolf is a tremendous training aid that takes the complicated movement of the golf swing and simplifies how to create power and the correct swing motion. This fundamentally sound simplicity will help grow the game because it quickly and efficiently delivers the excitement of hitting the ball while creating the proper motion that is easy to duplicate. Tgolf is especially helpful in transitioning athletes into golf."
- William J Reilly, PGA Headquarters, Junior Golf Development Manager