Taly Mind Set

Taly Mind Set

Full Swing Aids


The MIND Set from TALY is the revolutionary mechanical device for improving your performance in golf. The MIND Set introduces an engineered mental reference point for your golf swing called a Talynt® point in the form of a red ball.

Your Talynt point takes the emphasis away from your physical ability and brings it to the mental level. Once you accept the unique approach of using a Mental Reference Point to free your thoughts, your golf swing will become intuitive, natural, and consistently accurate.

TALY MIND Set Scoring Tool

Do your Wrists Flip or Break Too Much in Your Golf Swing?
Do you have trouble transferring your game from the range to the course?
Then the TALY MIND Set is for you.

The TALY MIND Set is 5 training aids in one and works for putting, chipping, full swing, driver, and mental game.

The TALY is a mechanical teaching device which straps onto your lead forearm and provides a mental reference point for improving your game. Visualizing the path of the red ball during your swing or putting stroke immediately results in an on-plane swing and pendulum putting stroke.

Visualizing the red ball out on the course, keeps you focused, eliminates mental interference, and transfers your game from the range to the course.


  • Eliminates flipping in your chipping,
  • Provides a Simple, Repeatable, and Powerful approach to the game,
  • Increases your distance off the tee, and
  • Improves your mental game.

Bonus: TALY MIND Set - Trust Your Talynt DVD included.

In this revolutionary and thought-provoking instructional DVD, Taly presents the results of his engineering research into golf, and provides a SIMPLE, REPEATABLE, and POWERFUL approach to the game. Taly shows us why we all have talent for golf and how he engineered the path of the red ball on the TALY MIND Set to prove it.


"Taly, since you were kind enough to introduce us to the MIND set, our team has been experiencing positive results. Our players are using the tool effectively, particularly on the putting green and with their chipping. The relationship between the point of focus and the shaft gives tremendous feedback. We love the simplicity and perspective the MIND set offers." O.D. Vincent, Head Coach UCLA Men's Golf Team, (UCLA voted #1 golf program in the U.S. by Golf Digest 2006)

"I have used the Taly "red ball" with every level of student, from beginner to professional, and have had tremendous success. It is an awareness tool that helps the student understand the proper setup, takeaway, swingplane, and followthrough. Most importantly, it helps create permanent improvement. I love it!" Todd Yoshitake, Head Golf Professional, The Riviera Country Club.