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The Box

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The Box is a giant leap forward in golf instruction and the fastest way to learn proper swing alignment, ball position and club swing path.

Thanks to The Box, you can now line up your golf swing in two dimensions rather than along a single plane. No more guessing at ball, position, stance or alignment.

The patent pending grid design gives you immediate feedback. The minute you step into The Box you will know if you are lined up to your target, if your club face is open, closed or square, if your hands are aligned properly at address, if your takeaway is on the right path, if you sway off the ball, and how your swing path travels through the impact zone.

The Box sets up and breaks down in seconds and stores easily in a handy pouch that fits into your golf bag.

There is no faster way for beginner, intermediate and professional golfers alike to learn and repeat proper golf swing alignment and experience game improvement. It’s time to give up the sticks and step into The Box!


How to use The Box golf swing alignment trainer

Using The Box

Assemling The BoxAssembly:

1. Remove The Box from the storage sleeve. Grab any corner piece and allow the other pieces to naturally fall open. Ensure that there are no tangles in the Alignment Strings.

2. Connect the four corners together by inserting each side bar into its corresponding corner piece. The Box should now be assembled.
3. To disassemble, simply disconnect each side bar from its corresponding corner then fold together. Slip The Box back into the storage sleeve and store in your golf bag until your next trip to the range.



Step into the Box

Using The Box:

The Box is designed for ease of use regardless of skill level. To get started, set The Box on the ground as shown.

The Box utilizes a patented configuration of three vertical and three horizontal strings to create a unique "swing grid." The stance side (foot side) of The Box has two larger squares designed for proper foot positioning and alignment. This is where you "Step into The Box."

Line up in The Box


1. Lay the box on the ground and step into the foot spaces.

2. With club in hand, look down. The three vertical Stance Strings should be centered between your feet. The three horizontal Alignment Strings should be positioned between your feet and the Aiming Bar.

3. Assume your natural stance then center your body over the Center Stance String. The two outside vertical Stance Strings should be close to the inside of each foot.

4. Use the horizontal Alignment Strings to help you "square up" your feet, hips and shoulders. You should now have the feeling of being square and centered inside The Box.

5. Place the ball one to two inches from the outside of the Aiming Bar and in the appropriate ball position based upon your club choice, i.e. in alignment with Center Stance String, front or back vertical Alignment Strings (see alignment chart above).

Step into The Box and Swing Away!

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