The Fascinating World of Golf

The Fascinating World of Golf

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Enter the world of legend and lore: No matter how long you have played golf or been around it, you will see and hear things in this production that have totally escaped your attention until now. - DR. GARY WIREN 

Run Time: 75 minutes

Dr. Gary Wiren releases a new 2-part DVD, "The Fascinating World of Golf"
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George Plimpton, author and keen observer of sporting life, once made the following remark: The quality of the literature written about a sport seems to be inversely proportional to the size of the ball. Basketball has produced little worthy of reading, football is better, baseball certainly surpasses the previous two, but golf is by far the best. If that observation is accurate it is because of golf's early historical roots, the variety and evolution of the game's equipment, and the diversity of its participants which included both kings and commoners.

It may also be why one of the latest golf videos on the market, "The Fascinating World of Golf" lives mightily up to its title. This two-volume set contains so many interesting stories, facts and observations that it easily supports Plimpton's literary conclusions. "Fascinating World" is a one-of-a-kind production featuring PGA Master Professional, writer, teacher and historian, Dr. Gary Wiren. As the DVD cover accurately predicts, "No matter how long you have been playing golf, you will see and hear things that have totally escaped your eyes and ears up to now."

Dr. Wiren takes you into his private museum for a personal hour-plus tour, letting you see a grand variety of collectibles from the game. You will be intrigued by the "fascinating" stories, both personal and historical, that bring the artifacts to life. In the segment on clubs you will see "spring face" woods from 1906, perimeter-weighted irons from before World War I, a "fishing rod driver" forty-seven inches long, from 1904, and a Tom Morris wooden pitching wedge from the 1800s. But Dr. Wiren's unique personal collection contains much more than clubs. The staggering ball collection reveals great examples of featheries, gutties, and rubber cores presented with stories that will leave you amazed about the inventiveness and genius of the early ball makers. Your museum tour continues with unusual tees, an extensive golf library, stamps and first-day covers, magazines and catalogues, sheet music, postcards, silver, jewelry, games, ephemera, and even golf comic books.

If you would like to treat yourself to an evening of golf entertainment, or give this unique two-volume DVD as a special gift to golfing friends, order it for $16.95 from Golf Around the World, Inc.


"Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the education that accompanied it. I have never been more in awe of collectibles. It is nearly incomprehensible that such artifacts could find their way into one place."

- Edward Gowan, Executive Director, Arizona Golf Association

"My most sincere appreciation for inviting me to visit and to view your most fabulous golf collection. I was indeed most amazed to see your vast accumulation of rarities."

- Nevin Gibson, Author and president of Archives of Golf

"Your collection is quite amazing; whilst I had previously heard it was very good, I had no idea that it was so intensive. Undoubtedly your collection of unusual and patented clubs must be the finest in the world and your method of displaying them brilliant."

- Peter E. Crabtree, Noted golf collector and historian

"I have just finished watching, ‘The Fascinating World of Golf Collectibles.’ I am open mouthed with awe and admiration of your collection."

- Sybil P. Hilton, owner Collector of Golf Antiques

"May I thank you so much for kindly allowing me to visit. It was a delight to see your quite remarkable collection."

- Robert Gowland, Philips International Auctioneers and Valuers golf expert