The Littlest Golfer - Set with Carry Bag

The Littlest Golfer - Set with Carry Bag

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The Littlest Golfer (TLG) First Set is a set of three age appropriate clubs with alignment rod and carry bag. The three big advantages TLG First Set offers is that the clubs are the right length for 2-5 year old children, they are the right weight and they come with a priprietary training grip.

If you have ever seen kids try to pick up a cut down golf club you will notice they split their hands on the grip to be able to better weild the club. With the lighter clubs and the Littlest Grip Technology kids are able to learn a great grip right from the start! The company has cute mascot characters and a clothing line as well. The description below is taken from their website.

Share your passion! The TLG First Set is the perfect introduction to golf. As your child learns how to grip the club and control the ball, their confidence will grow as will their love for the game. And Putter and Sandy are right there along the way.

Your child can get the right grip from the very first swing! We have built these clubs for the kids who will be using them. We didn't simply shrink down an adult set to kid size. Our durable, lightweight clubs promote proper hinge and swing, while Littlest Grip Technology (LGT) ensures the right grip every time.

Designed for serious fun. With increased club loft, balls get higher in the air. Foam practice balls make it safer for outdoor and indoor play. The lightweight "Sunday Bag" provides ample room in the zippered-side pouch, your little golfer can keep the extra balls and gear with them as they play.

Help your littlest golfer feel like a pro and play like a pro! Includes an instructional DVD. Makes a perfect gift for both boys and girls ages 2-5.

TLG First Set Includes: Driver with LGT Grip, 7 Iron with LGT Grip, Putter with Classic Grip, Instructional DVD, Alignment Rod, and Sunday Bag.