The Orange Peel by Orange Whip

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The Orange Whip Orange Peel provides the perfect foundation for all of your swing training needs.

Balance is the foundation of an efficient and athletic motion. Golfers who swing in balance are more powerful and consistent than those out of balance. Poor balance can lead to tension and manipulation of the golf club during the swing.

The Orange Peel was designed to enhance the golf swing learning process by altering static and dynamic balance positions. Similar to standing at the bottom of a sphere, the Peel creates a slight inward pressure in the feet and legs, which helps stabilize and support the hips and core area at address.

When swinging an Orange Whip or golf club within the Orange Peel, it's easier to stay in balance and thus an effective way to learn proper rotary motion. Regular usage of the Orange Peel increases stability and promotes better rhythm and tempo in the swing by helping the core region maintain the center of gravity while in motion.

When you practice on the Orange Peel you will strengthen your legs and core. This will create more flexibility of motion. You will be able to pivot and rotate correctly on a level plane, adding consistency and power to your golf swing motion. When the Orange Peel is used with the Orange Whip Trainer, your entire body will achieve every benefit of a correct golf swing motion. You will be able to strengthen all your golf-specific muscles and train them to work as one explosive unit!



Shipping Dimensions: 18 lbs, 44" x 24" x 5" inches

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