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NOTE: We only offer the Pro model now.

Improves your stroke precision!

Note: There are two different models of the Putting Stick. The 'PRO' version has the eye alignment mirror built into the stick. This makes it more portable. 

What is The Putting Stick

The golf Putting Stick is a patented practice and training aid developed to help golfers of all levels improve their putting stroke. Made from the finest quality materials to exacting standards, this ingenious tool will transform both your game and attitude, forever. Included with the golf Putting Stick® is an instructional DVD containing detailed information on assembly, use, fault correction, as well as introductions to basic putting techniques and strategies.

The golf Putting Stick is 46 inches long, 1 inch wide, and is 3/8 inches thick. It has an adjustable back-swing stop and a ball ramp for easy loading of a golf ball onto its surface. The golf Putting Stick will monitor and show you when your back-swing is too long, and it will show your stroke accuracy at impact to within better than one degree of perfect squareness.

The Eye Alignment Mirror has been specially designed to be used with the Putting Stick; it has a slotted base plate, which slips on to the end of the Putting Stick allowing you to monitor your eye alignment throughout your practice sessions.

Note regarding the difference between the original Putting Stick and the new Putting Stick Pro model:

Note: We only offer the pro model now - 2021.

The original putting stick featured a rectangular mirror mounted to a base that attached to the end of the Putting Stick. The Putting Stick Pro model has the eye alignment mirror embedded directly into the surface of the Putting Stick. The end of the stick has also been tapered to allow the ball to roll more gently off the end of the stick. Both units feature the cast acrylic material that won't torque and both models are very effective at training golfers to get the ball rolling straight and true.

Does the Putting Stick Work?

The key to the Putting Stick System is the precise visual feedback it provides. Lack of feedback is why many golfers never improve in spite of practice. To improve, you need to know what is going on with your stroke. Using the Putting Stick allows you to continuously monitor your eye alignment, back-swing length, and stroke accuracy in a simple, efficient manner.