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Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse: Master Rotation with The Rotator

To be the have to turn your chest" - Lee Travino 

Have you ever felt like your golf swing is a tangled mess of rotations, tilts, and pivots? You're not alone. The Rotator cuts through the confusion, providing crystal-clear feedback on your shoulder plane and rotation throughout your entire swing.

Unlock Effortless Power:

  • Effortless Connection: The Rotator fosters a seamless connection between your arms and torso, simplifying your swing motion and maximizing power transfer.
  • Stay Centered, Stay Strong: Maintain perfect tilt and turn for a balanced swing that keeps you centered over the ball for consistent power and accuracy.
  • No More Arm Flailing: The Rotator reduces unwanted arm lift, promoting proper loading of your lead arm for a more controlled and powerful downswing.
  • Alignment Made Easy: Master address and impact positions in a flash with the Rotator's clear visual cues, making alignment second nature.
  • Effortless Posture, Effortless Power: Engage your scapular muscles for impeccable posture throughout your swing, leading to increased power and reduced risk of injury.

Introducing the Rotator's Innovative Design:

The Rotator's unique design combines a secure, elasticated torso strap with strategically placed arm loops and an alignment rod. This powerful combination provides instant feedback on your torso rotation and tilt, allowing you to visualize and execute perfect swing mechanics.

The Rotator doesn't just tell you what's wrong, it guides you towards perfect swing mechanics, shot after shot.





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