Topper Stopper

Topper Stopper

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Note: Color may vary. Typically they are teal or red. 

The TopperStopper was created, developed and patented to promote a proper swing plane. This training aid acts as a focus device establishing an accurate swing path to help a golfer swing down through the ball. The TopperStopper helps beginning golfers address common golfing problems. Advanced golfers can develop shots to use when faced with golf course obstacles.

The TopperStopper is manufactured from impact resistant materials that will not damage your clubs. It is lightweight, portable, easy to use and is the perfect training aid for swing training drills.


I met you all at the PGA Show and bought one of your units. Today while giving a lesson I had a breakthrough with a student. This young 14-year-old boy began lessons a few weeks ago and was struggling with constantly hitting the ball to the right. After 18 out of 20 balls going to the right I pulled out the TopperStopper. This was my first time using it.

WOW! He hit the ball straight, then he hit another one, and again. He turned to me and said, "How is that doing it?" I have to tell you as an instructor, that was the first time I had tried an aid and received such instantaneous results. He actually thought it was magic.

Joyce Wilcox, LPGA Member
Teaching Professional, Hampstead, NC