Total Golf Trainer 3.0 - Package includes Hip, Arm and Total Golf Trainer v2

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The Most Versatile Golf Training Devices

All golfers want to feel exactly what the pros feel, and that’s what we’ve created with our world-class golf training devices. The versatile products found in the Total Golf Trainer 3.0 kit have every setting you need to ingrain the perfect feel and solve any swing fault that’s currently plaguing your game. These products perform the functions of over 20 other products while providing instant positive and negative feedback as you practice. They are also perfect for any golfer, from juniors to adults.

With the ultimate Total Golf Trainer 3.0 kit, you'll get Total Golf's Arm trainer, the Hip trainer and the extremely useful Total Golf Trainer V2 - all in one package!

The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 kit is adjustable to fit all golfers and used by right or left-handed players. Designed to reinforce proper fundamental and help all golfers learn to control the body and club for a dynamic, powerful and repeatable golf swing. The products will also help with a variety of swing faults:

  • Incorrect Wrist Set
  • Extreme open or closed club face
  • Sucking the club inside on the takeaway
  • Too laid off or across the line at top of the backswing
  • Loss of width, the tendency to overswing
  • Over the top downswing move
  • Casting or early release of the club on the downswing
  • Loss of posture, early extension at impact
  • Flipping or Scooping under the golf ball
  • Collapsing arms, no extension after impact

Included are the TGT V2, TGT HIP and TGT ARM packed in hard shell carrying case to attach to your golf bag.


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