Tour Line Putting Aid

Tour Line Putting Aid

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Tour Line Putting Aid

The Tour Line Putting Aid is the most effective combination of putting drills, tested by the best players for decades, at the palm of your hands.  Drills that help you putt to your line and drain more putts.  The Tour Line Putting Aid gives you various combinations of gate drills with guidance pegs, chalk line, and the effective string drill to build consistent setup and alignment, immediate feedback, and muscle memory for whichever putter and swing path the player prefers.


  • Tour Line Chalk Line 3:5 Ratio

  • 1.5mm High Strength Braided Line

  • High-visibility and medium permanence chalk

  • Perfect for putting greens and seeing your line

  • 4 Guidance Pegs

  • Tour Line Logo Cleaning Cloth

  • Tour Line Logo Pouch


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