TPro - Thoracic Pro

TPro - Thoracic Pro

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Thoracic Pro (TPro) - standard-GREEN or light-YELLOW resistance

When your deep muscle system is strong, especially your Core, your body has more power, agility, balance, and better all-round stability and posture. But modern life and many types of exercise actually weaken these deep muscles. GravityFit is a revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation system that strengthens the deep muscles you need to live, heal and perform at your peak.

The TPro is a revolutionary golf swing band that gives unparalleled levels of feedback for posture and quality rotation in the swing. The spikes and paddles at the back let you know when your spine and shoulders are in good posture. The bands at the front stimulate shoulder stability and scapular control. The Thoracic Pro is the ultimate golf posture training aid for quality rotation and arm movement in your golf swing.

The TPro is being used on a daily basis by the PGA Tour professionals; Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt, and Harris English, amongst others. The high-performance programs in Australia, New Zealand and Belgium along with US colleges and many other professional and amateur players also use it to regularly train their best golf posture and movement patterns. You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only for elite players though; the beauty of this equipment is the intuitive simplicity of its application.

Includes stacker blocks and comprehensive brochures including fitting, features, and exercises.


Weight .333 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 7 cm
Pack Size



(Yellow Bands) Providing less resistance than the traditional Green bands, the TPro with yellow bands is great for beginners!

(Green Bands) More resistance than yellow bands, we suggest using the yellow bands and progress to green bands once you have developed your core body strength.