True Pendulum Motion (TPM) Golf Putting Trainer

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Putt with consistency. Putt with confidence. Repeat.

Many excellent putters, especially touring professionals, use a pendulum motion to putt. You too can finally achieve the same level of consistency and confidence in a repeatable pendulum putting stroke.

True Pendulum Motion (TPM) is a U.S. patented golf putting training apparatus and method.

Keep the assembled True Pendulum Motion golf putting trainer in your bag for quick access or keep one in the home / office to practice the motion daily. As little as 5 minutes a day can help you achieve and maintain the feeling to hole more putts!

What's In The Box?

    • Two adjustable-length aluminum rods
    • One TPM Putter Connector
    • Quick start guide


Best putting training aid I've ever seen

I ordered the TPM for me and my son, who is 8. We both struggle with putting, particularly with distance control as we use too much wrist in our putting strokes and have no consistency. I have been searching for a training aid that would help us get the feeling of using our shoulders rather than our wrists and am so thankful I found TPM. It is an incredible training aid and it literally forces you to putt correctly with a pendulum motion. I tried to use my wrists while using TPM and you literally can't. After just one day of use I can already tell a huge difference in my putting stroke. The series of 6 videos are very helpful as well for set up and drills. I know this will help my son immensely as well and I am very thankful. Congrats on a great training aid.


The easiest and best putting aid

I started using the True Pendulum Motion a couple of months ago and since then I have turned my putting around like never before. I used to average 35-36 per round and now I am averaging 30-31 putts per round by just simply having better and more consistent stroke. This training aid has made me better in a such a short period of time. Everyone on every level of golf should use this tool because it is simply the best one out there on the market.



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